Meet Dr. Sam Castillo

Dr. Sam, a native of New Mexico, did his undergraduate studies at the University of New Mexico. In 1974 Dr. Sam applied and was accepted to the University of Oregon Health Science Center School of Dentistry. It was there that Dr. Sam met Dr. Laizure.

Upon graduation from dental school, Dr. Sam enlisted in the United States Navy as a Dental Officer and was stationed at Sand Point Naval Air Station. Three years later, upon completion of his military obligation, Dr. Sam opened his dental practice in the town of Duvall, Washington. Dr. Sam was the first dentist in that small town. I guess you might say that he was a pioneer. The small town needed a good dentist who could provide the care they needed. 

During his life as a dentist, Dr. Sam developed an interest in the art of wine making. Little did  he know that this hobby would become his retirement lifestyle. After 35 years of dentistry, Dr. Sam sold his practice and he and his wife Deborah moved to Walla Walla where his winery is located. Dr. Sam spends the majority of his time working at the winery. When he is not there, he is here practicing dentistry with Dr. Laizure.

Dr. Sam comes to Walla Walla Dental Care with vast experience in all aspects of dentistry. He is well versed in Cosmetic Dentistry, Implantology, Endodontics, Crowns, Bridges, Removable Dentures and Orthodontics. 

In the dental field, Dr. Sam has undergone extensive training in the field of Orthodontics. Creating long lasting, beautiful smiles through orthodontics is a very rewarding treatment for his patients. Being able to offer this to our patients makes Walla Walla Dental Care the perfect place for complete and comprehensive dentistry. 

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