What Are The Duties Of A Dental Hygienist?

When you come in for your preventive dental hygiene visit, you are typically greeted by your dental hygienist, who is an integral part of your dental health team. During a dental visit, your dental hygienist will take the time not only to assess and treat your dental care needs, but will also get to know you as a person. Our goal is for all of our patients to feel like a part of the WWDC family.

At Walla Walla Dental Care, our hygienists are highly educated and licensed professionals who are there to provide gentle and well-skilled care. We only invite the best of the best to join our team!

So what DOES a dental hygienist do? Here are just some of the many duties your dental hygienist performs during your visit:

  • Gathering assessment information such as: taking necessary radiographs, performing intra-oral and extra-oral screenings for oral cancer and other health concerns, assessing the gums for signs of gum disease (gingivitis and periodontal disease), assessing the TMJ (jaw joint).  
  • Reviews patient’s medical and dental histories. Identifies any contraindications to care and the safety of the patient.
  • Completes dental cleaning and periodontal therapy by removing plaque, bacteria and stains from teeth and from beneath gum margins.
  • Arrests dental decay by applying fluorides and other cavity- preventing agents.
  • Administering Nitrous oxide and anesthetic for procedures.
  • Helps dentist manage dental and medical emergencies by maintaining CPR certification, and receives monthly training and review of emergency procedures.
  • Educates patients by giving oral hygiene and plaque control instructions and postoperative instructions.
  • Welcoming you as part of our family!

During your visit, you can be assured that you are in compassionate and qualified hands. We look forward to caring for you and meeting your friends and family!