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What Are Crowns and Bridges Made From?

Posted on 9/15/2015 by Michael Mettler
Modern dental technology has made it so that you can always have a beautiful "Hollywood" smile—even if you have a number of dental imperfections like missing, small, or crooked teeth.

If you believe that your cosmetic dental issue might be best resolved by crowns and bridges, Dr. Laizure and his team at Walla Walla Dental Care would like to help you learn more about these dental restorations.

What Are Dental Crowns Made Of?

Crowns are restorations that are created in the shape of a tooth that are designed to fit right over your own modified tooth (called an abutment tooth). Crowns are commonly made of porcelain material, but we also make crowns of resin or ceramic material.

The crown is bonded to the abutment tooth with a special high-powered dental adhesive. While there are cases where a crown can come loose, with consistent dental care a crown can last a lifetime.

What Are Dental Bridges Made Of?

A bridge is a dental restoration that uses the two teeth "next door" to fill in a space where a tooth is missing. There are a few different types of bridges offered by our team, but the most popular is made with two crowns (commonly made of porcelain or a composite material) and a denture (replacement tooth) in the middle. A bridge is also bonded securely to the abutment teeth. With good care, it can stay in place for life.

Is a Dental Crown or Bridge Made for You?

Problems with missing or imperfect teeth can easily be resolved with dental restorations. Consult us here at Walla Walla Dental Care to find out which of these cosmetic dental solutions are right for you.
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2014 S. Howard St., #101, Walla Walla, WA 99362

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