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Odd Foods That May Be Staining Your Teeth

Posted on 8/30/2016 by Dan Laizure
A stack of fresh carrots that can help clean your teeth!When your smile gets a bit dull, you may think that coffees or teas are the main cause. While this could be true, there are other foods that could also be causing some discoloration of your teeth.

If you regularly eat foods that are known to leave stains on your clothing or on the dishes that you eat off of, then you may also be having the same effect on the enamel within your teeth.

Foods to Avoid When You Want a Bright, White Smile

Beets are known to stain everything they come in contact with, including your teeth. They stain your hands when you are washing and preparing them, the cutting board you use, and even the dishes you eat from.

If you want to be able to eat beets because of their nutrients, make sure that you opt to go with the lightest color possible, and brush your teeth as soon as you can after eating to minimize their damage.

Curries are also common stain-causing ingredients. You can have curry made from a wide variety of powder colors, which can then transfer to your teeth when you eat. Eat the lightest color curry that you can, when you eat it, and make sure that you also brush quickly after eating. This will reduce the potential staining that it can do.

If you are not able to brush right after eating, consider eating a carrot or a stalk of celery right after your meal, as that can scrub your teeth cleaner and reduce the impact of the foods you just consumed. Both carrots and celery are great at scrubbing your teeth, and strengthening your jaw, allowing you to be able to have strong teeth at the same time that you have bright, white teeth.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your foods effects on your oral health.
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2014 S. Howard St., #101, Walla Walla, WA 99362

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