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Tips and Tricks for Halloween

Posted on 10/30/2017 by Michael Mettler
the most popular halloween candy in every state
All kids want to get loads of Halloween candy when out Trick-or-Treating, but as a parent you know that eating too much candy is not good for your child. Our team at Walla Walla Dental Group remind parents at this time of the year that Halloween is a good time to teach your kids good oral health habits without depriving them of their Halloween goodies. Here are a few top tips and “tricks” you can try this Halloween season to ensure that your child has healthy teeth now and in the future.

Allow Your Kids to Enjoy their Treats in Moderation:

Halloween is the one holiday out of the whole year that is just for youngsters to enjoy. We encourage the parents of our young patients not to deny your children the fun experience of Halloween because candy is a big part of it. If you take your kid’s candy away from them as soon as they get home from making the trick-or-treating rounds, it could lead to more problems. They may try to sneak candy or eat too much at one time if they can. A better idea to to let your kids have fun enjoying the goodies they collect (in moderation) as that’s part of the fun of going to parties or trick-or-treating.

When your kids come home after going door-to-door, sit down with them to go through their bag of Halloween candy together. Have them choose a few pieces they’d like to eat at the time. Then, put the rest of the candy away and out of sight. Some parents choose to donate excessive candy to local charities and others freeze it so consider these two ideas if you don’t want to simply throw it away.

Set a Halloween Treat Time

Instead of allowing your children to dig into their Halloween treats whenever they wish, parents should set a “treat time” to teach kids that sweets should be eaten in moderation. And, when children know they have a specific time they can enjoy their goodies, they’re less likely to think about eating candy at other times during the day.

Halloween is a Good Time to Talk to Kids About Sweets and Their Teeth:

Halloween is a great time to talk to your kids about candy and their teeth. Consider sitting down with your kids to remind them that eating too many sweets can lead them to getting cavities. Instead of saying that candy is “bad”, it’s better to tell your children that eating an excessive amount of candy and other sweet treats is simply not good for their teeth. This will help your kids learn that what they eat affects their oral health and that they have control over their diets.

It’s also important to remind your children to brush and floss their teeth after eating goodies. If your child is younger, you many need to help him or her brush their teeth. If you make tooth brushing time a fun time for your child, he or she will be more likely to do a good job. Letting your child pick out his or her own toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste is a good way to help ensure he/she will brush and floss thoroughly.

Dr. Laizure and Dr. Castillo and their staff here at Walla Walla Dental Care want our young patients to enjoy this fun time of the year! But we also want our patients to learn how to care for their teeth so they have smiles they can be proud of for the rest of their lives.

Have a great Halloween, friends!

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