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Posted on (not posted yet) by Dan Laizure

  I had the opportunity to have my grand-daughter in my office as a patient the other day. As usual she had no cavities. This reminded me of her father and his brother and sister; no cavities when they were young either. A short time later I had another youngster, who was about the same age, in the office. This child had several cavities and his parents were already struggling financially in our economy. It struck me as "unfair" that the family that was least able to afford to have the dental disease treated needed it most while my family, who for all intents and purposes, could receive dental treatment for "free", had virtually no problems. It also occurred to me that almost all of the children of my employees and other dentists had a very low disease rate compared to the majority of patients I see. This begged the question, why do the people most closely related to dentistry seem to have a dramatically lower rate of decay then the general population?

  There seems to be two major factors to the answer to this question. Both are relatively simple but obviously, judging by the outcome, very important. The first part of the answer is knowledge. Virtually all of us in the dental field know how to prevent dental decay in our children and ourselves. The second part is compliance. Because we are exposed to the ravages of decay on a daily basis we are motivated to apply the actions necessary to utilize the knowledge we have.

  First let us discuss the knowledge factor. Virtually every dentist I know is willing, even eager, to share their knowledge with each and every person they meet. We can be socially boring in this capacity. I once heard it said that we will "tell you everything you need to know to not need our services, but you won’t listen and we go to the bank." Perhaps this is a crude reminder but there is significant truth in the statement. We talk about limiting sugar and other refined carbohydrate intake, brushing, flossing, fluoride, cleaning aids, xylitol and on and on until we are tuned out at the dinner party but this is the basic secret of cavity elimination. Let us help you and lend us your ear.

  The second factor is compliance. It has been said that a man who won’t read is no better off than a man who cannot read. This principle applies to many areas of life beyond education. Perhaps it even applies to our dental health. Most of my patients, I would like to say all, know how to reduce or eliminate dental decay. Sadly the application of that knowledge is not as universal. We all need to use the knowledge we poses rather then succumbing to the native indolence of the human species.

  So here’s a suggestion; know what we know, do what we do and watch tooth decay dramatically decrease in your family. No matter how much of a change you have to make this is where to begin. Make your mouth a cavity free zone and remember your mouth is the window to wellness.

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