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How Drinking Plenty of Water Can Improve Your Oral Health

Posted on 12/10/2019 by Dan Laizure
How Drinking Plenty of Water Can Improve Your Oral HealthThe human body constitutes about 60% water. As such, it's important that you stay hydrated every day for your body to work at its peak. Scientists recommend that people take about 2 liters of water per day.

This amount helps the body to get rid of waste, helps your skin get a nice glow, helps muscles to move well and properly distribute nutrients in the body. However, a lesser known fact is that drinking plenty of water is actually very good for your oral health! Here's how:

Keeps The Mouth Clean

While drinking sports drinks or sodas might wash down a meal, they often leave your mouth with sugars you don't want. Bacteria that causes cavities thrive because of these sugars and produce acid, which eats away at your enamel.

Additionally, these drinks also have added acids such as citrus, phosphoric or malic acid to help cover up the sugar in them. These acids are not also friendly to your enamel. However, when you drink water, every sip cleans your mouth by washing away the leftover foods and diluting the acid produced by the bacteria.

Calorie Free

Unlike the other drinks many people have over the day that are filled with caffeine, sugar and calories, water contains none of it. As such, unlike the others, drinking plenty of it will not contribute to your weight gain. In fact, many researchers have discovered that drinking plenty of water through the day can help you reduce or manage your weight.

No Dry Mouth

The mouth's saliva is nature's first line of defense against tooth decay. It's a big contributor to our digestive systems, washes away leftover food and keeps teeth awash with fluoride, phosphate and calcium. However, when you are running low on saliva, the dry mouth places you at risk of tooth decay. Drinking water goes a long way to keeping your mouth hydrated and the cavities away from you.

From the above points, we see that water is great for our health. Therefore, drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day not only edifies your body, but also is great for your teeth.

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