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High-Carb Foods You Should Try to Have In Moderation to Protect Your Teeth

Posted on 1/20/2020 by Dan Laizure
High-Carb Foods You Should Try to Have In Moderation to Protect Your TeethWhen it comes to protecting your teeth, it is not only what you eat, but also how often you eat. One category of foods that are likely to affect your teeth are high-carb foods.

Carbohydrates get broken down into sugar which harmful mouth bacteria feed on and release acids that damage the teeth. That is why we recommend eating certain high-carb foods in moderation in order to protect your teeth.

Which High-Carb Food to Monitor

Diet season in full swing due to the holidays or people wanting to get ready for their upcoming vacation. People are trying everything from counting calories and cutting out sugars, while others are trying to reduce or eliminate carbs in their diet. Unfortunately, carbs break down into various forms of sugar within our mouths, thus causing damage to our teeth. So, which high-carb foods you should try to have in moderation to protect your teeth? Here are 5 types of high-carb foods you should have in moderation.

Lemon Water

Lemon water provides the body with antioxidants and vitamin C. However, drinking a lot of it exposes the teeth to too much acidity. We also recommend using a straw to drink lemon water and rinsing your mouth with water after you finish your drink.


When you chew on bread, it mixes with the saliva and turns into a gummy paste-like substance with some sticking between the crevices of your teeth. The starch in the bread, then gets broken into sugars that the bacteria in your mouth feed on.

Potato Chips

Just like bread, potato chips are also full of starch and some of them get stuck between the teeth during chewing. The acids produced from the breaking down of the starch takes longer to clear if you have too many potato chips.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits may be healthy snacks, but they tend to cling to the crevices and cavities of the teeth. This leaves behind a lot of sugar for the bacteria to feed on. The concentration of sugar in dried fruits is also higher than in fresh fruits.

Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks such as soda have little health benefits. They are even worse for the teeth. Besides coating your teeth in acid, taking large amounts of soda can also make your mouth produce less saliva. The mouth is then unable to cleanse itself, as the mouth is not able to keep up with the demand for saliva.

The longer you let these high-carb foods stay in your mouth, the more acids they will produce and cause more harm. In case you notice any problems with your teeth, get in touch with us for an expert diagnosis and treatment. We are always happy to help, so contact our office today!

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