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Danis Laizure, DMD


“I believe in opportunity for all of our patients and team members, placing a great emphasis on equality, equity, fairness and excellence of service.

“I feel a strong obligation to give back to the community for the gifts and blessings I’ve received over the course of my life.

“At Walla Walla Dental Care, no one who is in danger or in physical pain will ever be turned away.”


Dr. Dan Laizure graduated with honors in 1977 from the University of Oregon Dental School, where he received awards for his outstanding technical ability and scholarships from numerous organizations, including the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. He is also a member of the American College of Dentists and International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Naval Service

After graduation, Dr. Laizure was stationed in Hawaii to serve four years in the Navy.

Professional Experience

Dr. Laizure has provided exceptional dental care for his patients for over 35 years and has enjoyed this time by giving back to the Walla Walla area through numerous civic and nonprofit organizations.

It is important to Dr. Laizure to keep up to date on continuing education classes and the latest advancements in dental research. He is also a clinical instructor at the world-renowned Kois Center and has advanced training in dental implants, aesthetics and restorative dentistry.

Dr. Laizure’s attention to detail is extraordinary, enabling him to deliver gorgeous smiles that fit the individual styles and desires of his patients.


In his book “Saving My Library: Nine Life Lessons Preserved From the Fires of Time,” Dr. Laizure compiles his life experiences as a leader. This book will teach you important lessons, no matter your age, including:

  • Promoting self-esteem in others
  • Understanding the value of interdependence
  • The importance and significance of generosity
  • How every day is a day to be lived to the fullest

“I so admire someone who not only endured many challenges in life, but learned from the experiences and is willing to share those nuggets of wisdom. Saving My Library is more than just a self-help book. It’s inspirational, entertaining, and full of helpful tips.” – Shanna Hatfield


Dr. Laizure loves “fellowship in the outdoors” — spending time afield with good people whose companionship he values. This is exactly what Dr. Laizure appreciates most during his free time. You will often find him jetting off to Mexico for fishing excursions, hiking into the Blue Mountains during the fall hunting season or exploring the beauty of the American West.

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Samuel Castillo, DMD

Dr. Sam, a native of New Mexico, did his undergraduate studies at the University of New Mexico. In 1974, Dr. Sam applied and was accepted to the University of Oregon Health Science Center School of Dentistry. It was there that Dr. Sam met Dr. Laizure.

Upon graduation from dental school, Dr. Sam enlisted in the United States Navy as a dental officer and was stationed at Sand Point Naval Air Station. Three years later, upon completion of his military obligation, Dr. Sam opened his dental practice in the town of Duvall, Washington. Dr. Sam was the first dentist in that small town — you might say that he was a pioneer. The small town needed a good dentist who could provide the care they needed.

During his life as a dentist, Dr. Sam developed an interest in the art of winemaking. Little did he know that this hobby would become his retirement lifestyle. After 35 years of dentistry, Dr. Sam sold his practice, and he and his wife, Deborah, moved to Walla Walla, where his winery is located. Dr. Sam spends the majority of his time working at the winery. When he is not there, he is here practicing dentistry with Dr. Laizure.

Dr. Sam comes to Walla Walla Dental Care with vast experience in all aspects of dentistry. He is well versed in cosmetic dentistry, implantology (i.e., dental implants), endodontics, crowns, bridges, removable dentures and orthodontics.

In the dental field, Dr. Sam has undergone extensive training in the field of orthodontics. Creating long-lasting, beautiful smiles through orthodontics is a very rewarding treatment for his patients. Being able to offer this to our patients makes Walla Walla Dental Care an excellent place for complete and comprehensive dentistry.

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Mylah Dancel-Beal, DMD


Dr. Myhla Dancel-Beal graduated in 2002 from the University of the East in the Philippines, where she participated in various outreach programs to remote provincial areas where Dentistry was not accessible to the communities.  She was actively involved in a number of student-led organizations focused on mentoring and developing other dental students.

Dr. Beal obtained her training in Pediatric Dentistry from the Philippine Children’s Medical Center in 2004.  She was awarded a scholarship for a Masters Degree in Research in Clinical Dentistry from the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain where she lived and studied from 2011-2012.  Most recently, she completed her 2-year residency training in Advanced Education in General Dentistry from Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City from 2021-2023.

Professional Experience

Dr. Beal practiced Pediatric and General Dentistry in the Philippines from 2002 until moving to the United States in 2017. Her dedication and hard work made it possible for her to establish her own practice while also serving as a corporate dentist in a government bank simultaneously.  She loves working with children and has been involved in numerous community outreach programs throughout her career in the Philippines.  She believes that being in the medical profession is not just a job, but a way of helping others in need in order to improve their quality of life.  Dr. Beal was a faculty member of the University of East College of Dentistry as a clinical instructor in the Pediatric Dentistry division as well as an expert lecturer in Dental Research.

Upon arriving in the US, Dr. Beal worked as a dental assistant from 2018 to 2021 while reviewing for the boards and fulfilling requirements for her eligibility to practice dentistry in Washington State.  Her training in Columbia University made her realize how much she enjoys the various fields of Adult Dentistry, as much as she has practicing Pediatric Dentistry, and cannot wait to share that experience with others.  She looks forward to being an active resident and contributor within the Walla Walla community and the overall field of Dentistry.


Dr. Beal comes from a big family in the Philippines with four older brothers and a younger sister.  She is proud of how she was raised by her parents, who are amazing role models instilling the values of hard work, honesty and integrity.  She has four stepchildren with her spouse, David.  She loves them, as well as her several nephews and a niece, as if they were her own.  Family is one of the most significant parts of her life, and she values time spent with them when not working, always eager for the occasional trip to the Philippines to visit and reconnect with family.

She and her husband enjoy nature and outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, kayaking and mountain biking.  When at home, she loves to read and cook, and is very much into the art of printmaking and painting.