About Your Team

Jovita - Dental & Orthodontic Assistant

Jovita was born and raised in Walla Walla. She loves getting to know our patients and is always willing to learn more and help wherever she can. Since joining the team in 2020, her great attitude and talkative nature has brightened Walla Walla Dental Care! Jovita has two daughters, Camilla and Julieta, and a significant other, Alejandro. She loves spending time with family and shopping with her daughters. Fun fact: Jovita built her own house at age 21.

Jana - Dental Hygienist

Jana is one of our lovely dental hygienists at Walla Walla Dental Care, and she has been working on our team since 2017. Jana graduated from Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, in 2007. She brings her knowledge and experience to the team and loves working alongside her highly skilled teammates.Jana is married with two daughters.

Chrissy - Lead Registered Dental Hygienist in Expanded Functions

Chrissy joined our team in 2017 and she loves educating patients and helping them understand how important their health is. Healthy mouth, healthy body is what she always says! Chrissy earned her Child Development Associate degree and became a registered dental hygienist at Carrington College in Sacramento, California. She also attended Portland Community College to be trained as a registered dental hygienist in expanded functions.“The best part about our practice is the patients,” says Chrissy, “we are so blessed to have them. They are like family to us.”

Chrissy is the loving mother of two wonderful kids. In her free time, she loves paddle boarding, spending time with family, traveling and creating art.

Raisa - Registered Dental Hygienist

Raisa has been with Walla Walla Dental Care since 2020, but she started to practice dental hygiene almost 15 years ago. Raisa earned her associate’s degree in dental hygiene from the University of New England in Westbrook, Maine, graduating cum laude. Her goal as a dental hygienist is to carry out the best care, encouraging the health and confidence of our patients.“My passion is leading people to a healthy lifestyle,” says Raisa, “and I believe it starts from oral health. A smile is an important personal asset. Good teeth matter.”

Raisa’s mom was an herbiest and a florist and Raisa follows in her steps. Every spring, she gathers herbs from nature and her garden to make spices and teas. In her spare time, she enjoys oil painting.